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Rochelle Schieck

Meggan Watterson

"Working with Tara for her unique Talk and Response Art was a catalyst for a huge cathartic release for me. I had this one particular heart break that was very tender. It was so tender it was hard for me to express fully as I felt with friends I had been dwelling on it "too long". However, there was something that came through the paintings where it shifted my perspective. I could see the parts that were beautiful in the story and the parts that were ugly as I looked at the art I was creating. Everything had a metaphor of meaning, when certain things didn't turn out or looked the way I wanted, it was an outer reflection of my inner disappointment and in my acceptance of the outer, I found deeper acceptance of the inner. I highly recommend Tara's offerings to anyone who feels the call. She does an amazing job of listening, guiding and giving space. She is an inspirational creative artist and also devoted to her own healing path that her ability to hold space allows you to go deeper into your own truth."

- Rochelle Schieck, Founder of Qoya

"It was such a profound and invaluable gift to get to do art with a brilliantly talented and gigantic hearted artist like Tara. Working in a Dumbo art studio, a view of the river out the window, a candle lit, I eased into emotion I hadn't been able to move through. And the process of creating the piece of art I was focusing on let that emotion wash through me, and leave. I left the studio with a piece of myself expressed in a way I never would have had the opportunity to withoutTara's expertise and her sacred artistic space. I am immensely grateful for the opportunity and will absolutely do it again!"

- Meggan Watterson, Author of REVEAL: A Sacred Manual For Getting Spiritually Naked


"I experienced three hours of bliss working with Tara creating an art project. I was nervous because I am not an artist, but she drew out my creative genius and we made a beautiful piece of art that makes me so proud. This is a very special and unique experience for anyone. Her studio in Dumbo is also amazing with a beautiful view of the Manhattan Bridge and the skyline of NYC "

- Pamela Morgan, Founder of Flirting With Flavors


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